New Range Rover SV Coupe First Look - 2 Door Luxury SUV

New Range Rover SV Coupe First Look - 2 Door Luxury SUV

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Long before there were crossover coupes like the BMW X4, there were two-door SUVs which could tackle a lot more than the parking lots of suburbia. The Range Rover SV Coupe recalls this era as it pays tribute to the original model which was launched as a two-door in 1970.

Seen here in these newly surfaced images, the all-new model is unmistakably a Range Rover as the front and rear ends closely echo the facelifted variant which was introduced last October.

2019 range rover sv coupe

That’s where the styling similarities end as the SV Coupe adopts a rakish windscreen and a steeply sloped roof with panoramic glass panels. The model also eschews the rear doors and adopts new side vents as well as what appears to be a reduced ride height.

The upscale styling continues in the cabin as we can see premium leather upholstery, luxurious wood trim and metallic accents. The overall design echoes the standard model but the coupe features two individual rear seats which are separated by a full-length center console. While the rear passengers don’t appear to have much headroom, they’ll have their own air vents and climate controls.

interior range rover sv coupe

Little else is known about the SV Coupe but the model will be built by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations and production will be limited to 999 units. The model will debut in Geneva shortly so stay tuned for full details.

New range rover svautobiography sv coupe

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