2016 BMW X7

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    BMW has officially announced the advent of its all new SUV model, the 2016 BMW X7. The production of the vehicle will take place in the North American plant of BMW in Spartanburg of South Carolina (U.S.A). This has been widely acclaimed to be the largest SUV ever produced by BMW, which means that the vehicle is going to be adequately spacious. This model will feature a longer wheelbase and longer rear overhang to support the extra third row of seat at the back of the vehicle. It will also come with a modified platform structure, following the upcoming 2nd generation X6 and X7 platforms (a specialty of the BMW SUVs). The new BMW X7 is to be widely compared with the rival SUV models of Mercedes Benz and Range Rover. The weight of the vehicle will be a bit lesser than the previous models due to the use of aluminum and carbon fiber.


    2016 BMW X7 Interior
    The interior of the 2016 BMW X7 is going to be as spacious as it gets. It is expected to come with a unique feature that is possessed only by a few other rival SUVs- the usable third row of seat at the back of the vehicle. This will raise the passenger carrying capacity of the vehicle to seven (excluding the driver). It will also feature an improved navigation system, all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. Stability and traction control is also included in the vehicle’s features list. It also supports Bluetooth and iPod input.


    2016 BMW X7 Engine And Safety
    The powertrain of the 2016 BMW X7 will include a powerful six cylinder and a V-8 gasoline engine. It will also contain an electric-hybrid driveline, similar to the X-5. Stability and traction control will help to provide a smooth driving experience. Balanced weight distribution will make the vehicle feel like it’s riding on air.

    The BMW X7 will have the standard safety measures, alongside a few special ones (considering the amount of capital BMW is investing for the vehicle). The safety measures are expected to ensure 100% security of the passengers.


    2016 BMW X7 Release Date And Price
    The X-7 is likely to be launched on 2015 as a 2016 edition vehicle although no official announcement has been made yet. Nothing specific is known about the estimated price yet, but it is known that BMW is investing $1 billion for the production of the vehicles at the Spartanburg plant. So, it is likely that the price of the X-7 will be high.
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    xe đẹp quá :3
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    2016 BMW X7
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    chưa có hình ảnh chính xác nhưng mình thấy bản maket bmw x7 hơi giống bmw x5 và x6.
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    Xe đẹp có nhiều cải tiến. Ưa nhìn hơn đời trước.nhưng ko hầm hố bằng bản 2013 của mình.đặc biệt là nhìn trực diện vào đuôi xe va đầu xe
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